WHY TODO | UI updates, rich search, performance improvements and more

UI updates, rich search, performance improvements and more

January 10, 2024
In the first days of 2024, we are glad to show you what's new at WHY TODO.

  • UI updates - Optimized colors, icons, and better looking menus.
  • Rich search - With a few clicks, you can filter by day, week, month and year. Used tags are also visible.
  • Time for due date - Pick the exact time of the day.
  • More estimated time options - There are new options for lengthy tasks.
  • Removed the orange Why color - it was a hard decision but helped overall usability.
  • More relevant info in the lists - The next scheduled date is visible in Favorites, Recently added, etc. There is a red dot that indicates if this is the due date.
  • Repeatable renamed to Recurring.
  • The Home screen is now called Scheduled.
  • Removed the Not Scheduled screen. You can easily see them by selecting "Not scheduled" in the search box of the Recently added list.
  • Total remaining estimated time for each day and the overdue tasks.
  • Performance improvements.

That's all for now. Thanks.

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