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WHY TODO | About
Hello and welcome!

My name is Ivo, and I'm the founder of WHY TODO.

I’ll be honest, I’ve struggled for a long time with daily organization. There are meetings and events to attend, there is work, there are birthdays, workouts, etc. And of course, I want to get the max of every day. I want to achieve more.

That's why I decided to create this app. Over the past few months, it has significantly improved my daily routine, and I'm hopeful it will do the same for you.

Why named WHY TODO?

Having a strong Why is crucial because it:
  • Provides motivation
  • Offers clarity and focus
  • Guides decision-making
  • Encourages long-term commitment

That's why it's part of the app name.
Start every task, every day with a strong Why.

Why use the app?

There are a lot of things you may have to do every single day. Why not help yourself like I did? Do these tasks look familiar?

Attend a meeting
Deliver a presentation
Create digital content
Reply to emails
Attend a wedding
Plan a birthday party
Send invitations
Buy gifts
Doctor's appointment
Meditate for 15 minutes
Read a book
Clean the garage
Fix the leaky faucet
Organize the pantry
Mow the lawn
Pay the bills
Create a monthly budget
Review investments
File taxes
Take an online course
Research a new topic
Study for an exam
Attend a workshop
Book flights
Prepare documents
Purchase insurance
Plan activities
Backup data
Fix the printer
Update software
Buy batteries

You can organize all of them in the app.

How to use it effectively?

I don't want you to waste your valuable time on excessive management, organization, searching, or waiting. Your time is better invested in actual work.

You should open the app to:

1. Add a new task
It’s quick and easy to add a new task. Simply click the plus button, describe your task, and schedule it if you have a specific date and time in mind.

2. Plan you days
Head over to the "Recently added" tasks and assign dates. Choose "Recurring" if the task repeats. Add notes if needed. Add subtasks if it’s a complex one. Estimate.

3. Execute
Check the home screen for your daily tasks and get to work. Don't forget to return to mark tasks as completed and congratulate yourself.

Give it a try?

I would suggest giving WHY TODO a try for at least one week. Feel free to include a mix of work and home-related tasks, birthdays, and events.

I hope it works for you too.

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